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This site and the services were originally hosted by the National Research Council of Canada's Video Recognition Systems project
After the termination of the project due to Work Force Alignment in November 2007, they are now hosted by IVIM Inc.

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Vision Interface portal

Conferences, labs, resources on Computer Vision, Image Understanding and their applications in Canada and elsewhere

Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) is the sponsor of  Vision Interface (VI) - the oldest (since 1977) annual conference on computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition hold  in Canada, which since 2004 is renamed to Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV). 
CIPPRS sponsored proceedings online:
CVPR FPiV'04, Washington - proceedings
VI 2003
, Halifax -  proceedings
VI'2002, Calgary - proceedings
VI'2001, Ottawa - proceedings
VI'2000, Montreal 
VI'99, Trois-Rivières - proceedings
Research areas:
AI on the Web | Computer Vision | Perceptual Vision | Pattern Recognition |  Face Recognition | Machine Learning  |  Neuro-computation | Robotics | HCI & HCI Resources| Multimedia
Canadian labs:
CENPARMI, Concordia University
Communications Visuelles, INRS, Montreal
Computer Vision and Systems Lab, Laval University
Center For Intelligent Machines, McGill University
Laboratory for Computational Intelligence
Computational Video Group, NRC-CNRC, Ottawa
Visual Information Technology, NRC-CNRC, Ottawa
Computer Vision and Multimedia Communications, U of Alberta
Robot Vision Group, U of Guelph 
University of Toronto Vision Laboratory
GRMB, U de Montreal
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Lab, U of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
Computer Vision Group, University of Windsor
MOIVRE, Universite de Sherbrooke
Vision, Imaging, Video and Audio Research Laboratory, U of Ottawa
Scene Analysis and Modelling Group, U of Saskatchewan
Centre for Vision Research, York University
Canadian Vision companies:
See Computer Vision Industry
See PRECARN projects

Other places announcing events:

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